Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do it yourself Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs are bathing luxuries that no one should be without! This morning I saw my lonely jar of Lemon Poppy Seed Salt Scrub sitting high up on the shelf and I had a little extra time so I went for it. I often forget to use it but each time I do I think "my skin feels so incredible why don't I use this more often!" Salt scrubs are made with oil and salt and you simply massage the scrub onto your skin and let warm steamy shower or bath water wash away the salt leaving behind soft velvety skin. The fresh inspiring aroma will linger on your skin long after you leave the shower.

Salt scrubs are super easy to make. Since I am producing a product that I want to repeat I measure everything. But here are my recommendations for someone wanting to whip one up for personal use: start with a little bit of oil. Safflower is my favorite, but sunflower oil works well and probably olive oil too. Then add salt until you have a paste like consistency. Then add a few drops of essential oil, but don't overdue it, and any herbs or botanicals for color and texture.

Or if you prefer you can purchase your bathing luxury from me. All my bathing essentials are created to inspire on three sensory levels. I want it to appeal to your eyes, nose, and skin. I call it the multi sensory approach to bathing. Salt scrubs exemplify this approach perfectly. The aroma just fills the shower and co-mingles with the feeling on you skin as you gently exfoliate and moisturize. And why is it important to me that the product please your eyes? Because the way it looks affects your sense of smell. I have made soaps where the aroma and color didn't go together and they just don't smell right. So in order for the scrub to really pamper you it needs to please your eyes. I add botanicals and clays to accomplish this, to give it color and texture.

Here's a few more salt scrub tips:

Use it on your hands - I LOVE the way my hands feel after I use salt scrub on them. I definitely don't need hand lotion after that. So keep a little jar of salt scrub by your sink for those days when you need to soften 'em up.

Use it on your feet - yeah you can really get some of that roughness off your heels! I like to sit in the bath and massage my feet with the salt scrub then let them soak for a while.

Use it in the bathtub - scrubs are great in the shower, but even better in the bath. The oil kind of disperses throughout the water and adds moisture to all your skin, and even your hair. In fact I love the way it softens my hair!


  1. It's funny how the scent needs to "match" the color. Love the way a good scrub softens my elbows.

  2. It is always surprising to me how color affects sense of smell. I made a custom soap for someone using the same aroma combination as of one of my regular line soaps but a totally different color and people would come by and pick it up convinced that it was a different aroma.