Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last two days of my shopping values sale!

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to put all things lavender on sale, after all that's what inspired my foray into soap making. Plus when you shop my birthday bash sale, you'll receive my latest creation, a Vanilla Latte Hand and Lip Balm for free. My thank you for being a faithful customer these past five years!

Here's what on sale:

Lavande Bleu Handcrafted Soap, regularly $7.50, on sale for $7.25. I realize this isn't much of a sale, but this soap is far and away the most expensive soap that I create. I'm a stickler for the type of lavender essential oil that I use. Some lavenders have a lot of turpene in them (smells like terpentine), this one is smooth and sweet like you just brushed my a plant in the wild in France!

Royal Velvet Lavender Bundles - 3 for $10, regularly $6 each.

Lavender Sachets - 2 for $6, regularly $6 each.

Lavender Hand Salve, Regularly $5.25, on sale for $4.75

Lavender Soap & Hand Salve Gift Set, Regulary $13.50, on sale for $12.00

Just a reminder, you can shop at the webstore, by phone, or email.

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